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1.  Purchase the pattern.
2.  Make the quilt.
3.  Send a good-quality photo of the finished quilt in the CONTACT US link.  
4.  Your photo will then be used on this website and the price you paid for the pattern will be reimbursed, providing it uses the pattern as designed and is not altered.  The photo submitted must accurately represent the pattern, with the only allowed modification being your fabric choices.

If you do not wish to test the pattern without any changes, but rather simply to use it, please do not purchase it here.  Please wait until the pattern is tested and for sale.  If you wish to alter the pattern or do not wish to use it for testing, please contact us to see when the pattern will be available for sale.

If we do not receive the photo within 60 days of purchase AND another tester has submitted a photo during that period, you will not receive a refund.  However, if you are working on the quilt and send a photo of your progress via the CONTACT US link, you can obtain an additional 30 days to finish and get a refund.
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PATTERN TO TEST - Flower Pots Applique