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Solid Black with Snow flange 2-1/2" binding

This binding is made from Andover Century Solids Black fabric with an Andover Century Snow flange.  It is NOT cut on the bias, so is suitable for quilts with straight edges.  This reduces the stretching of the fabric while applying.  However, it is pieced diagonally to reduce the bulk at the seams. This "snow" flange will look white against everything except white, without that stark, bright look.  If you are looking for a bright white, please consider the black with a cottonball flange.

It is ready to apply, either by stitching to the back of your quilt, pressing and folding to the front, and machine stitching on the front...or by stitching to the front, pressing and folding to the back, and hand-stitching to the back.

If you are new to machine stitching binding, or have difficulty sewing very stright along the very edge of the binding, the 1/8" wide flange is much easier to stay within while stitching--with either matching or invisible thread

To calculate how many yards you will need, measure the height and width of your quilt in inches.
Height x 2 = _____ inches.
Width x 2 = _____ inches.
Add these two numbers together to determine the complete perimiter length of your quilt.  Add 10-12 inches to this amount to allow for corners and sewing the ends together.
Divide that number by 36 to determine how many yards you will need.  Round UP so that you will have a little more than you need rather than less than you need.
If you are not completely comfortable with your math, or are new to calculating binding, you may contact us with your order and tell us the size of your quilt and we will confirm the amount needed.