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What is a Seasonal Wall?

This can be a wall that is visible upon entry to your home, in your entryway, or living room.  Another option is on a very visible wall where you entertain, either where you gather for sports/movies or dine.  Simply hang an adjustable curtain rod on the wall and all shower-curtain clips.  The ideal size would be adjustable to a little more than 60".  Then, as the seasons roll by (holidays, seasons, sports, celebrations, etc.), you simply change the quilts hanging on the clips, adjust the rod to fit the size of the new quilt, and your house will stay current and updated.  Your Seasonal Wall can go from patriotic holidays, Valentine's Day, Spring, religious holidays, football season, Mardi Gras/Carnival season, new school years, graduation season, all the way through New Year's Day.  You can even have your local team quilt up Saturday and switch to your favorite pro team quilt on Sunday.  It is a fun way to easily update your decor with only one change.
Our Seasonal Wall is currently celebrating Halloween with this _______.
Click here to view the quilt
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