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Welcome to Womancave Design.

Date:  02.02.2022
We're excited to be here and hope you enjoy the new website. We decided to go ahead and launch and not wait for everything to be uploaded, becuase everything will never be uploaded at the rate we are going.

What we have so far is a taste of what will be coming. Unfortunately, we are better at designing, piecing, and quilting things than we are at getting them in a position to be viewed, purchased, and delivered. New patterns, quilts, and designs will be added as quickly as we can get them upload-ready.  Feel free to get comfortable with the site and how to move around while you wait for the rest of this long list of items to be available.

If you wish to be notified as new things are added, please join our newsletter mailing list to receive updates by email. Note that there will be more emails initially as we upload everything, and then we will settle into a leisurely pace as we add just new things rather than catching up with everything already available.

As an overview, we are here to meet your needs as follows:

FINISHED QUILTS ready to purchase, receive, and use, be it something for your bed (or your baby's), a gift, a wall-hanging, or a comfy throw.

LONGARM SERVICES if you are a quilter and need your quilt top(s) quilted and/or bound. Just fill in the form and we'll contact you with a price and all you need to know to get the top(s) to us and how long it will be before it is finished and returned to you.  If you do not have a source for batting or backings, we can also supply those.

LONGARM QUILTING DESIGNS for you to use, whether already designed (we have one available and are working to double-check the rest for accuracy before making them available to you), or requesting that we design a long-arm design for you from a photo or idea or sketch.

QUILT PATTERNS, whether designed by us and ready to either download or have mailed to you, or a custom design requested by you for us to create.

If there is anything else you think we can help you with, feel free to contact us at the bottom of the Home Page with any questions or requests.  We love designing and accommodating people who need designs.

Keep loving those quilts!